Pennington Community Watch :
Important Criminal Defence Security and Safety Notice !

The Pennington Community Watch warns and advices you to always remember that your first line of defence against criminals is the South African Police Service. If you observe criminal activity, do not attempt to apprehend or otherwise approach the suspects yourself. Call the police, or if this is not possible, alert your local Community Police Forum representatives, who will be in a position to inform the relevant authorities. Leave the actual police work to the professionals!

Emergency Phone Numbers

  • Police Radio Control 10111
  • Police - Scottburgh Office 0399789916
  • Police - Scottburgh Switchboard 0399781900
  • Fire Brigade 0399761202
  • Fire Brigade After Hours 0399741061
  • Sea Rescue 0313618567
  • Crookes Hospital 0399787000
  • Ambulance Services 10177
    • Nearest Medical Doctors:
    •  Dr Vach 0399753387
    •  Dr Seedat 0399782550
    •  Dr Morris 0399783344
  • Veterinarian 0399761418
  • Pennington Pharmacy 0399751518/After Hours:0837000707(Emergencies only)
  • Magma Security 0399787300
  • Jenson Security 0399762001
  • Chubb Security 0399781991
  • Ugu Water Leaks 0399761333
  • Eskom Help Centre 0860204560

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